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Weed Control

Unsightly weeds in your yard or parking lot?  Let Praying Mantis's knowledgeable staff create a solution with a specially designed weed program to solve your weed problems.  Whether commercial or residential, we have a solution that works!  

Our highly trained technicians assess the problem areas, create a specialized weed program designed specifically to your yard or business landscape, and provide you with a maintenance plan to ensure the weeds don't come back.  Contact our office at 928-708-9800 to schedule an appointment and get your free estimate!  

Weeds in your lawn?

Weeds in your parking lot?

Our team of professionals will design a plan to protect your home or business from unsightly weeds.

Praying Mantis will eliminate the weeds from your lawn, landscape, or commercial parking lot or business permanently! Give us a call

for your free estimate.